Jewelry Custom Equipment –Double Wire Compressing Machine with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description

CZPT machine:

Having taken the advantage of many years of experience and used CZPT d production equipment, CZPT company has developed the Double-Ended Line-Compressing CZPT that is different from similar machine among the counterparts.

Wire diameter: 10.00mm-1.00mm
Power supply: ~380V / 50Hz
Power: 5700W
Dimension: 126cm*68cm*135cm
Weight: 985kg

(1)Our machine makes use of the transmission mechanism combined with the elevation of worm-gear and hob, and the Oldham coupling, substituting for the imperfect gear transmission that used to take among the counterparts.
(2) It is proved that during the working of the machine, the worm-gear and hob, and the Oldham coupling appear more flexible and quick, with more exact feed range.
(3) In addition, the compression wheels of the machine are imported from abroad. Using the CZPT d technology of vacuum heat treatment, their hardness degree is up to over HRC610. The compression wheels of the machine are designed as octagon wheels, and processing center completes all the compression grooves.
(4) Compared with those pressed by other machinery in the past, we can find gold, platinum gold, K gold and silver pressed by this machine much smoother, without any crack, burst or edge rising.
(5) The machine is especially suitable for compression PT900. Besides, an automatic lubricating system is installed with the machine so that the parts are more durable in use and not liable to be worn out.

Dimensions  126*68*135(CM) 
Weight      985kg
Noise  ≤ 45 decibel 
Max. / min. compression line  13mm × 13mm/1mm × 1mm 
Diameter of compression wheel  1mm 
Width of compression specula  98mm 
Line connecting Three – phase with four-line system 
Power: max. / min.   5700W 
Max. / min. speed of main engine  1440/960 circles/ minute 
Working system of main engine  S1 system 
Ambient temperature  -3 to 40(Degree Centigrade) 
Ambient relative humidity  < 80&percnt;