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Product Description

Clamp CZPT Adapter CZPT Steel Shaft CZPT CZPT CZPT Step Up For CZPT Transmission Parts Square Rigid CZPT Quality Best Sales Connector CZPT s

clamp coupling

Clamp-style couplings attach an encoder shaft to another rotating shaft to transfer rotation between the shafts in a precise manner. They also reduce wear and tear on bearings that can lead to costly maintenance and reduced life of your encoder. Using CZPT couplings will help extend the operational life of your encoder and guarantee accuracy. The construction of a CZPT CZPT consists of two hubs (that attach to the shafts) and a center flex member. This flexible element is affixed to the hubs through pins. Clamp-style hubs provide a positive, secure shaft connection. The clamp-style CZPT CZPT s are CZPT with a single flex disc for standard torque capacity, or with two flex discs for increased torque capacity, torsional stiffness, and length.