Flexible Custom Shaft Coupling Clamping Precision Cleaned and Bagged Heat-Resistant High Speed High-Torque Set Screw Best Selling Transmission Parts Couplings with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description

Flexible Shaft CZPT Clamping CZPT CZPT ed and Bagged Heat-Resistant CZPT CZPT CZPT -Torque Set CZPT Best Selling Transmission Parts CZPT s

flexible shaft coupling

A general use coupling that is best suited for applications with a large degree of misalignment up to 50 HP. The Gear Grip CZPT is a three-piece highly flexible design which includes two hubs and a flexible sleeve. Guardian offers three different sleeve materials including neoprene, urethane, and reinforced neoprene. Depending on the series, the hubs are typically offered in zinc or sintered steel.