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Zykm1224 Custom Automatic High Speed Four Colour Printer Die Cutter with Auto Glue and Bunding Machine with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description

Main parameter

type unit ZYKM1224
Plate roller dia mm ¢405
Plate roller length mm 2400
Inner width of machine mm 2500
max speed Ps/min 180
economic speed Ps/min 120-150
max printing size Mm 1200×2400
max feeding paper size Mm 1200×2500
min feeding paper size Mm 400×750
board thickness Mm 2/3-10mm
machine frame thickness Mm 6mm
topping precision Mm ≤±:0.75
die cutting precision Mm ≤±:1.5
Power Kw 56
Extermal dimension mm 320000*5500*2400

A, feeder unit
1) The master control panel by the control buttons and touch screen control operation, convenient and reliable.
2) skip feed (with counter).
3) set for counting of paper, showing the production number.
4) The location of left and right bezel control of mechanical CZPT by the ruler display moving distance.
5) The CZPT bezel to manually adjust the gap.
6) 11KW wind turbine, suction feeding, the electric inverter to adjust the air volume, according to board bending different, so air flow adjustments to ensure smooth paper.
7) The dust removal device and fan brush the surface clean cardboard scraps of paper.
11) sending paper up roll diameter ф149 mm, thick-walled seamless steel pipe, wrapped in plastic wear phase, that is to maintain flexibility and ensure that the surface wear and reduce the squash into the board.
12)front feed under the roller diameter ф159 mm, back feed under diameter ф149 m, quenched and tempered seamless steel grinding the surface of hard chromium plated embossed and treatment. Back feed up roller diameter ф100 mm.
13) The transmission uses two roller drive Oldham CZPT , reducing wear and tear to make the drive more stable.
14) the use of electric sub-machine fit, with a continuous alarm warning lights the move to ensure the safety of operations.
15) shaft with electromagnetic friction clutch, to prevent malfunction or overload protection of the motor will not burn.
16) feeder, printing department, the Department of cutting electric automatic zero.
17) CZPT chain of devices.
B, printer unit
1, the print roller
1) The print version of roller with thick outer ф518 mm (including plate thickness will be ф530mm)
2) CZPT of high quality thick-walled seamless steel roll, surface conditioning, grinding, hard chromium plating.  balance correction, smooth operation.
3) hanging tube axis, side lock, so hanging on the bit accurate, convenient and CZPT .
4) full-groove peg board for hanging bar 10mm.
5) handling print, the foot switch is convenient and flexible electric control reversing.
2,  the embossing roller
1) embossing roller diameter ф188mm.
2) thick-walled seamless steel pipe, surface grinding, hard chromium plating.
3) balance correction, smooth operation.
4) Adjust the gap taken roller to manually adjust the structure, adjust the range of 0-11mm
3, the transfer ink roller
2) thick-walled seamless steel surface after grinding the surface of ground, pressed textured, hard chrome plating.
3) the same network, even on the ink, printing plates and rubber roller to extend service life.
4) pneumatic feeding system with automatic lifting device (network printing and print exposure roll down, stop printing, anilox roller and plate separation increased).
5) The roller gap structure manually adjust the range of 0-11mm.
4, uniform ink rubber rollers
1) uniform ink rubber roller diameter ф208.28 mm.
2) CZPT quality seamless steel pipe wrapped durable, corrosion resistant, wear-resistant rubber.
3) special high rubber roller grinding, diameter 1.6-1.8 mm, transfer ink effect.
4) rubber roller gap adjustment lock structure by hand, adjust the range of 0-11 mm.
5, Phase adjustment
1) The planetary gear structure.
2) printing phase digitally controlled by computer and electric adjustment of 360 ° (run, stop can be adjusted.) the accuracy is 0.15mm.
3) print roller bits used to adjust the frequency control. CZPT and the adjusted version of CZPT , high precision tune version.
4) the use of electric mechanical horizontal adjustment phase, the control of ± 5 mm.
5) The whole auto-zero in each group, the accuracy is0.5mm, and then automatically adjusts the phase, try one, and then enter the number of fine-tuning, greatly reducing the waste of cardboard
6, ink loop structure
1) pneumatic diaphragm pump for ink stability, operation and maintenance simple.  
2) The ink filter, filter impurities.
7,  the printing phase fixtures
1) CZPT ctromagnetic clutch brake type brake mechanism, when the unit adjusting the phase separation, the brake mechanism limits gears to keep the original tooth position of fixed points.
2) The impression of CZPT transmission roller type transmission using cross slide to reduce wear and tear transmission more stable

Sloter unit
double sloter

  1. unique double slotter structure , elimination of collision between front and back tool , processing of large size high carton box  (type 1224/1428)
  2. the slot knife thickness is 7-8 millimeter , which is from high quality alloy , tooth profile in sharp cutting , high wearable
  3. the sloter knife with phasing and box height adjustment device . the frequency changer control the dynamic 360 degree adjustment 
  4. precision linear slide way , accurate lateral movement with smooth sloter
  5. regards the user`s need it can match the punch device
  6. pre-creaser , creaser , sloter knife holder , self-locking gap adjustment device
  7. spring type single slitting knife with glabrous slitting effect and cost saving

middle knife motorized moving device , fit for each production

 die cut unit
1, the die cutter roller (the roller)
1) die cutter roller diameter ф405mm (excluding die cutter)
2) Steel material, surface grinding, hard chromium plating.
3) balance correction, increase the operating stability.
4) die cutter screw hole spacing 50 mm × 62.6 mm.
5) for die cutter height 25.4mm.
2, pad roller (upper roller)
2) Steel Research surface grinding, chrome plating
3) balance correction, increase the operating stability
4) to manually adjust the gap with the cutting die.
5) The pad thickness 8 mm (diameter of φ328 mm)
6) The mechanical lateral 40 mm, swimming device
3, Phase adjustment
1) The planetary gear-type structure, with the printing department.
2) cutting to bits by PLC, touch screen control and electric adjustment of digital 360 ° (run, stop can be adjusted.)
3) use PLC ,screen control the lateral displacement , can adjust right and left 10mm.
4) machine with the rubber roller amend device , can amend the roller, then the die cutter part can be used as new, it can amend 8 million to 10 million times, then it can save the cost much.
5) knives die roller is come from casting steel, grinding surface.
  Knives die height 25.4mm
  Wooden knives die 16-18 mm(3 layers)
                  17-15.3(5 layers)
6) rubber pad roller is from seamless steel pipe, grinding the face and hard chromium plating. It can be more stable when running, mechanical adjust 58.8mm move device. It can prolong the using life.
7) die knives adjustment adopt self lock device.
8) rubber pad roller with CZPT difference compensation device, can
make sure after grinding the roller ,the speed is same speed with
knives die roller, to make the size is same with before Fourth, the motor and electrical details

glue unit
the machine made of and theory
1. the machine adopt good steel weld and install .
2. the glue unit and sloter die cut fix and use . the machine couplet of communications to the printer unit electric control  . when the printer start and run , the glue unit is start and run .
4. auto supply the glue ,  the glue is circulated , never break glue . do not need to add the glue by manual . save time and worker
5. stainless steel glue wheel , corrosion resistance , wear resistance . the glue is balanced , save the glue . the machine can save 1/3 glue than manual .
6.The folder unit have press wheel of adjust ,  the press wheel  make a folding the cartons  more smoothly . the glue unit glue the carton is beautiful and accurate .
7. the counter unit the carton stacker and check . output the carton is safety and smooth , exactly no error-free . number control . easy operate .enter the number  do not stop the machine

 bunding unit

 1, unctions and feature
   automatic strapping machine is mainly used in automatic strap after automatic stitching or automatic gluing, the machine includes turning, pat in order, pressurized strapping. Adopt PP strapping tape, firm, no rebound, less damage in paper edge. The whole process automatically finish, without human intervention, can save a lot of artificial cost. It’s first choice of packaging companies to reduce consumption and increase profit, such as printing plant, paper products factory.
2, Each unit main feature:
(1) receiving sheet turning unit
1.  Smoothly receive former process cardboard conveying
2.  Two-stage touch type turning, turn cardboard 90°corner.
(2) Pat in order unit
1,Can adjust according to different specifications carton size.
2,Four directions automatically pat in order and positioning, and then convey.
3,Pat can effectively remove the scissors.
(3)conveying unit
Convey carton smoothly after tidying, improve work efficiency
(4) pressurized strapping unit
1,Pneumatic pressure to compact several cardboard.
2,PP tape automatic strapping, strap firm or elastic adjustable, paper edge damage is light.
3,Automatically adapt to the cardboard size
4,Photoelectric detection strapping position
5,Strapping 1 ~ 2 way, uses the knob switch.
6,Automatically convey after strapping.
(5) Working process
Receive sheet turning–→pat in order–→convey–→ pressurized strap–→finish conveyin
3.  Main feature:
A, Adapt to automatic strapping after automatic stitching.
B, Reduce rely on manpower, replace workers.
C, .Work is compact, no need human intervention.
D,Carton boxes after strapping are mouth tight and solid, no rebound, less sticky box edge breakage, etc
E,Less workers, higher speed, 2 ~ 4workers less than ordinary strapping machine, 10 to 20 workers less than manual strapping.
F,Suitable for exported packaging, environmental packaging, such as drinks box, beer case, instant noodles box, ceramic tile box, these high class packaging carton boxes.