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Drive sales Motor for Electric Wheelchair – 2 Piece * DC 24 V/10 Km/H ** Brand New with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description

Product Description

Based on current market demand, we, independently developed the cost-effective DC brush wheelchair controller system, and its main features are as follows:    

(1)Turns the CZPT wheelchair motor on and off;    
(2)Controls the mobility chair’s direction, speed and braking.    
(3)High efficiency multi-thread worm, vertical CZPT transmission;    
(4)Built-in steel oldham coupling;    
(5)Motor CZPT and rotatin speed at user’s option;    
(6)Braking way :electromagnetic brake;    
(7)With clutch lever function    
(8)Protection function: over current, low-voltage protection;    
(9)High temperature, locked-rotor ,charging protection ;   
(10)Multi-functional work, drive direction only shift with controller hand arm turnning.   

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Packaging & CZPT

Our Advantages

Our Core range of DC motors and gearboxes are specifically designed to be interchangeable and versatile, this helps us keep lower stock levels while achieving the CZPT ization necessary for so many applications. The core offer has also enabled us to offer excellent pricing levels for low quantities, often prototypes are very expensive due to lack of economies of scale we have tried to help with this as much as possible. HangZhou CZPT can offer bespoke units for larger quantities and offer a CZPT Chain service where we work closely with CZPT CZPT ers to identify the optimal delivery schedule in accordance with CZPT production levels. If you are looking for DC motors and gearboxes you have come to the right place, CZPT expert technical sales staff will recommend the best possible option for both your application and your pocket. Contact us now to discuss your application.
HangZhou CZPT TRADE CO., LTD is responsible for exporting the above products, and we also import some important products from oversea markets.
Our company has got the right of import and export from the CZPT ernment department.
It is necessary to get your specific requirement when contacting us, for example of motor, voltage, CZPT , speed, output torque, connecting type and size of shaft, outside structure drawing or relevant pictures etc. And then we will give the accurate offers.
Therefore, hope to get your feedback soon.

Optional accessries at user’s need    
(1)it CZPT with wheel hub 8.6inch,pneumatic tire 13inch, flange connector, connecting line and 4 pcs of bolts ;   
(2)it CZPT with brush controller and handle. 

Please watch CZPT process steps as below
(1) process these output shafts

(2)process these spur gears and sprockets

(3) turning machining

(4) assembly preparation

(5) assembly workshop

(6) inspection test before shipment

After Sales Service

Our full production process strictly adhered to the ISO9001 quality control system, CZPT higher quality , CZPT d equipment and technology ensure a guarantee in leakage-proof , retention and   duration !
Your CZPT orders are also warmly welcomed, it is CZPT commitment to satisfy your requirement, please turst that we will be your reliable business partner for CZPT good reputation,good quality and competitive price !


Densen Custom Customized Cross Slider Coupling for AC Motor and DC Motor, Flexible Coupling for Motors with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description

Densen CZPT ized cross slider coupling for ac motor and dc motor,flexible coupling for motors

We have professionals to solve your questions, please contact us directly!


Product Name Densen CZPT ized SWC-BF Type CZPT coupling shaft coupling,universal couplings joint
DN mm 160~640mm
Axis CZPT le 25/15°
Rated Torque 16~1250 N·m
Fatigue torque 8~630N·m
Material 35CrMo
Application Widely used in metallurgy, mining, CZPT and other fields.


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Application Case

Typical case of diaphragm coupling applied to variable frequency speed control equipment

JMB type coupling is applied to HangZhou Oilfield Thermal CZPT Plant

According to the requirements of HangZhou CZPT ctric CZPT CZPT , HangZhou Oilfield Thermal CZPT Plant should dynamically adjust the CZPT generation according to the load of the CZPT grid and market demand, and carry out the transformation of the frequency converter and the suction fan. The motor was originally a 1600KW, 730RPM CZPT -frequency variable speed motor matched by HangZhou CZPT Factory. The speed control mode after changing the frequency is manual control. Press the button speed to increase 10RPM or drop 10RPM. The coupling is still the original elastic decoupling coupling, and the elastic de-coupling coupling after frequency conversion is frequently damaged, which directly affects the normal CZPT generation.

It is found through analysis that in the process of frequency conversion speed regulation, the pin of the coupling can not bear the inertia of the speed regulation process (the diameter of the fan impeller is 3.3 meters) and is cut off, which has great damage to the motor and the fan.

Later, they switched to the JMB460 double-diaphragm wheel-type coupling of CZPT factory (patent number: ZL.99246247.9). After 1 hour of destructive experiment and more than one year of operation test, the equipment is running very well, and there is no Replace the diaphragm. 12 units have been rebuilt and the operation is in good condition.


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