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Compression sales Machine with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description

Compression CZPT is a standard form of machine designed and made by CZPT company. Having been improved for several times in the mechanical structure, it has been equipped with elevation compression of worm-gear and hob. Using the Oldham coupling as its transmission mechanism, the machine would not make noises or gnaw teeth, which resulting from elevating when it is working, such device has substituted for the imperfect gear elevation and transmission that used to take by the counterparts.
Unique Side: The machine has a speed reduction unit. For the lubricating system, it uses oil pump to fill oil by automatic circulation, so that the machine would not cause any damage resulting from lack of oil.
Advantage: The double-speed damageable gearshift of the main engine can be selected freely while compressing. In addition, we import the main compressing shaft from abroad, of which the hardness reaches over HRC630, and the surfaces have been grinded precisely through the specula dim-light treatment. Surfaces of gold, platinum gold, K gold, silver and copper etc., which are compressed by the machine are brilliant and smooth, without any wave or twist. Therefore, the machine is welcomed in the jewelry trade and among CZPT clients. We believe that CZPT machine would add more glories to jewelry trade.
Power supply: ~380V / 50Hz
Power: 5700W
Dimension: L97cm*W70cm*H143cm
Weight: 760kg

Dimensions  L97 × W70 × H143(CM) 
Weight  760Kg 
Noise  ≤ 40 decibel 
Minimum thickness of compression line  0.08mm 
Diameter of compression wheel  1 mm 
Line connecting  Three-phase with four-line system 
Power 5700W
Max. / min. speed of main engine  1440/960 circles/minute 
Working system of main engine  S1 system
Working frequency  50Hz (plus or minus 5%) 
Ambient temperature  -3 to 40(Degree Centigrade) 
Ambient relative humidity  < 80%